Hlaska Apparel was built around the year 2006 in Michigan. We know how much fashion has taken over the world in different places and countries. Clothes are loved by people so much as well as accessories and Hlaska were originally planning to create a brand for ready-to-wear apparel, thus the name. However, their plans changed even before they started the process of building and putting up this brand. The team redirected their focus and create a brand that would be unparalleled for its uniqueness and items. Three years before Hlaska Apparel was built, they decided to make it an accessories brand. 

Fortunately for the team, people loved the brand so much. This is most especially since they give their best in creating their products and items. The Hlaska Apparel tried so hard to create various designs and styles so that people could choose from many items and not feel limited when it comes to their products. It was more than successful and they were glad to make people happy with their own creations. In the year 2010, they were able to finally create their own website so people could see their brand from all over the world. It became possible to open their store worldwide as well and that everyone can buy from their store anytime and anywhere. 

Now, we can do shipping and delivery worldwide and we’re more than proud of what our brand has managed to achieve until now. We are very thankful that people kept supporting us and our creations. In the future, we hope to bring forth the same satisfaction we have been giving these past few years, if not exceed it. The Hlaska Apparel is actively looking for ways to improve their craft since time immemorial. What we can promise you is that we will never stop. What’s next is that we are planning to expand to different places soon. Stay tuned for our announcements because we’ll make sure to introduce to you more products very soon.