Hello, I really like your brand but something keeps me from buying from your store. Do you ship worldwide as well?

Hi! Thank you so much for your interest in our brand and for sending your question to us. Yes, we do ship locally and internationally. If you live overseas and would love to buy online, it is already available from different countries too. We assure you that you can buy from us and receive your orders in just a few days.

Do you have other branches besides from the one in Michigan?

Yes, we do have other branches besides those we have in Michigan. Recently, we’ve put up other branches in Arizona and Las Vegas as well. We are planning to build more. Just stay tuned with us so that we can give you the latest updates on this.

How many branches do you have in Michigan and how do I know where to find them?

Thank you for sending us your question! We do have 4 branches in Michigan. If you would like to check and know where to find them, visit the location section of this site and see where you can get information about the branches. You may find the whole address and map to locate our branches easily.

I wonder if you have leather bags as well?

Hi! Yes, we do have leather bags for both men and women. You may choose from different designs and styles even on our website.

How do I buy from your website online?

Hello, thank you for sending us your question. If you want to buy from us online, just go to the ‘shop’ tab and find what you are looking for. Once you picked your item, just click the button that says ‘buy’ and the website will lead you to the paying medium in no time.